MROpen is a 0.5 Tesla (0.5T) open MRI device developed by Paramed Medical Systems. Credit: PRNewsFoto/Paramed Medical Systems.
MROpen runs on a green superconductive wire technology. Credit: ASG Superconductors.
The MRI system provides an open and comfortable environment to claustrophobia patients. Credit: Paramed Medical Systems.
The MRI can scan a patient in multiple positions such as sitting, standing, lying down or bending. Credit: Paramed Medical Systems.

MROpen MRI System is a 0.5 Tesla (0.5T) open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device designed and developed by Paramed Medical Systems.

The device is indicated for diagnostic imaging and designed for patients who cannot lie down, as well as claustrophobics.

MROpen received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for clinical use in May 2008, with a commercial launch into the market in 2010.

MROpen 0.5T MRI system design

MROpen MRI system is a superconductive scanner with open sky design, equipped with a vertical and extra-wide U-shaped magnet, allowing the system to be completely open from above, front and back, depending on the patients’ requirement.

The system uses a weight-bearing approach for upright scanning and imaging of the patient’s spine and joints. Upright imaging enables early detection of the spine and joint pathologies, improving the prognosis of the condition.

Features of MROpen 0.5T MRI system

The system has dedicated multi-array coils that utilise MAX technology. The coils are multi-channelled and combine flat and solenoid type coils for better imaging of each anatomical area by maximising the signal to noise ratio. The magnetic field of the system is oriented in a transverse direction, improving image quality.

MROpen 0.5T MRI system is the first commercial MRI system that utilises proprietary high-temperature superconductors with superconductive cable made of Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) alloy.

The alloy holds superconductive property at particular temperatures, which can be reached using conventional cooling systems. It allows cryogen-free operation of the system and avoids the use of helium for generating superconductive power.

Technical details of MROpen 0.5T MRI system

The system weighs approximately 50,000lbs and requires a minimum space of 13inx18in for installation. It requires a three-phased 400V-480V power for performance and standard radiofrequency shielding of more than 90dB. It can support patients weighing up to 440lbs.

The MRI’s magnet weighs 44,000lbs and measures 5.6ftw-wide and 6.6ft-deep. It is 6.6ft-high and has a lateral gap of 1.9ft. The radiofrequency system has the maximum strength of ±20mT / m with 9kW radiofrequency amplifier.

Advantages of MROpen 0.5T MRI system

The open MRI system removes the obstructions between the patient and the surrounding environment, unlike the traditional MRI systems. It provides a better and comfortable position during scanning for elderly and children as well as patients living with claustrophobia, in pain or those who cannot lie in a supine position.

“The system uses a weight-bearing approach for upright scanning and imaging of the patient’s spine and joints.”

It is possible to scan patients in various postures, including sitting, standing, lying down or bending. Functional and dynamic examinations of the musculoskeletal system are possible in the most suitable position of the patient in the MROpen MRI system.

The conventional open MRI system has C-shaped magnet design and can be opened only horizontally, while the MROpen 0.5T MRI system can be opened horizontally, as well as vertically.

Helium-free operation of the system makes it more environment-friendly than other MRI systems available in the market. The system runs on a green technology with simple functioning and lower cost of operation.

Market commentary on Paramed Medical Systems

Paramed Medical Systems is a medical device company located in Italy, which focuses on the development of upright, open MRI systems. The first MROpen 0.5T MRI system was installed at the Centro La Diagnostica in Sicily, Italy, in January 2010.

In the US, the first MROpen system was installed at Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Center in New York City in June 2011.

The company also markets MrJ XT and MrJ3300 MRI system for musculoskeletal MRI.

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