BodyTom® Elite is a portable, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner developed by NeuroLogica. Credit: NeuroLogica/Business Wire.
BodyTom® Elite CT scanners are clinically used in more than 20 countries. Photo: Samsung via Business Wire.
BodyTom® 64, an upgraded version of the BodyTom Elite CT scanner, received the FDA clearance in November 2022. Photo: NeuroLogica/Business Wire.

BodyTom® Elite is a mobile, full-body, 32-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner developed by NeuroLogica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

The CT scanner provides high-quality imaging in a wide range of clinical settings, including operating rooms, intensive care units (ICUs), radiation oncology or radiology suites, emergency departments, and other point-of-care locations.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the BodyTom Elite CT scanner in July 2017, following the clearance of its predecessor BodyTom, the world’s first portable, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner, in June 2017.

BodyTom Elite was made available for purchase in Japan in November 2021. BodyTom 64, an upgraded version of the BodyTom Elite CT scanner, received 510(k) clearance from the FDA in November 2022.

BodyTom Elite details and features

BodyTom Elite is a state-of-the-art, portable multi-departmental solution that offers advanced imaging capabilities in a compact and lightweight design. The head-to-toe trauma imaging solution has been designed to help physicians bring advanced imaging directly to patients without any age or weight restrictions.

The system features a large 85cm aperture and 60cm field-of-view, which is the widest among mobile CT scanners. It is a self-shielded device designed with 0.75mm internal lead shielding to reduce room scatter. The workstation also allows for the addition of a 0.5mm lead shield configuration, providing additional protection to the staff.

The system combines rapid scan time, adjustable settings and instant image viewing capabilities, making it a valuable tool for any facility requiring adaptable real-time mobile imaging. It offers two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) viewing capabilities.

The system features a Gadolinium Oxysulfide detector, which has enhanced scintillation properties compared with the previous detector material. The solution is battery-powered with an innovative internal drive system to be easily transported from one room to another and operated in any environment. It can also be charged from a standard wall outlet. It is compatible with picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), electronic medical records (EMR), planning systems, and surgical and robotic navigation systems.

The portable system can be brought directly to the patient’s bedside, reducing the need for patient transportation and minimising the risk of complications associated with moving critically ill or unstable patients.

BodyTom Elite software features

BodyTom Elite utilises advanced detectors and image reconstruction algorithms to produce high-resolution, detailed images with high clarity and accuracy.

The system is XR-29 (MITA Smart Dose)-compliant and has advanced radiation dose management capabilities for optimised dose delivery, enabling dose structured reporting, CT dose check, automatic exposure control (AEC), and paediatric and adult reference protocols.

Besides AEC, the system is equipped with other sophisticated dose reduction techniques, such as iterative reconstruction, and low-dose protocols, which optimise image quality while minimising radiation exposure to patients and healthcare providers.

Other features offered by the BodyTom Elite software include comprehensive cybersecurity features such as built-in tools to protect against cyber threats, low-dose lung cancer screening, noise-reduction algorithm, contrast capability, metal artefact reduction (MAR) improving metal implants and trauma cases, and wireless access point for increased security and stability of wireless communication.

BodyTom Elite benefits in brachytherapy

The BodyTom Elite is a brachytherapy solution, in combination with the Qfix Symphony® Brachytherapy transfer device and STILLE Medstone5 PM table.

The point-of-care scanning significantly reduces the time gap between therapy planning and delivery by providing real-time feedback for precise catheter or applicator placement.

It supports implant quality assessment and helps in boosting treatment plan completion, patient throughput, and overall efficiency of the department.

BodyTom 64 CT scanner

The BodyTom 64 CT scanner has been designed to elevate the point-of-care diagnostic imaging experience with enhanced functionality and the same high-resolution imaging capabilities.

The company has doubled the capacity of the new system to generate up to 64 cross-sectional CT images of a patient’s body and added Linux as the operating system.

With the ability to convert an operating room into an intraoperative neuro-imaging suite in combination with a radiolucent skull fixation device, the system can be used for paediatric as well as adult imaging. The system combines internal lead shielding and battery operation to transform a conventional trauma bay into an advanced CT imaging suite.

The BodyTom 64 provides the ability to rescan at every stage of needle guidance to optimise workflows.