ODU offers a range of cylindrical connectors, ODU
ODU Connectors

All makers of medical devices know that safe and reliable connectors are a crucial part of any product development. One firm in Germany has made connectors its speciality.

ODU is a specialist for contacts and connectors in the medical industry, developing and manufacturing connectors based on turned and stamped contacts for power and signal transmission. The company is a single-source supplier for approximately 150 customers worldwide.

Turned and stamped contacts

ODU’s depth of production know-how in turned and stamped contacts, the breadth of its experience and its readiness for innovation have led to cutting-edge technical developments. The company has the capacity to design new products and provide customised solutions.

Every year, ODU receives around 30 development orders for industrial and PCB connectors. The main application area is medical electronics, but they are also used in telecommunications, heavy industry, measurement and testing, and other applications. ODU connection systems offer clear advantages:

  • Very high frequency of insertions for profitability demands
  • Absolute contact stability for reliable use
  • Easy use for quick action
  • Unmistakeable connector position for reliable work
  • Instantly recognisable for faultless handling

There are three catalogue-documented base series for the medical industry, for which autoclaving, high voltage, being touch-proof, high mating cycles and disposability are key requirements.

The ODU MINI-SNAP is a cylindrical connector made out of metal with pushpull locking. It comes in five different series in eight sizes and 1–40 contact positions. With 300 catalogue inserts as well as mixed inserts and a large number of mating cycles, the connector is UL, ML and VDE-certified. Solder, crimp and print termination can be used. Meeting IP 50 and IP 68, the catalogue model can be modified if necessary.

The ODU MINI-SNAP PC is also cylindrical with push-pull locking, but is made of plastic. In three sizes with two to 40 positions, it also allows for mixed inserts. Available in black, grey and medical white, the connector’s housing is completely protected against accidental contact. Termination can be solder, crimp or PCB. It is easy to insert and withdraw, is certified to UL, and modification of the catalogue model is possible.

A third cylindrical connector is the ODU MEDI-SNAP, which is again made of plastic with push-pull locking. It has one to 14 positions and can accommodate special insertions such as fibre optics or fluid. The MEDI-SNAP comes in seven different colour codes, is low-weight with high chemical resistance, and has completely touchproof housing. It can be sterilised by autoclaving or ethylene oxide. Special models, such as right-angle plugs, metal versions or disposable versions are available, and modification of the catalogue model is also possible.

The MEDI-SNAP connector can have print or solder terminations, and it also has low insertion and withdrawal forces.

Custom-specific connectors

On top of its standard connectors, ODU is known worldwide for the development and manufacture of customised connectors. These developments usually take place at the ODU plant and are based on a development order.

This includes a feasibility study and customers receive drawings, part lists, sample units and laboratory reports.

The results of the development order become the property of the customer, and frequently result in pioneering new developments.