The Philips QuickClear is an all-in-one mechanical thrombectomy system designed for peripheral artery blood clot removal. Credit: Koninklijke Philips N.V.
The Philips QuickClear system contains QuickClear aspiration pump kit and aspiration catheters. Credit: Koninklijke Philips N.V.
The device received the US FDA clearance in April 2020. Credit: Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Royal Philips’ QuickClear is a mechanical aspiration thrombectomy system to remove blood clots from the vessels of peripheral arterial and venous systems.

The system received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for human use in April 2020 and launched in the US market in September 2020.

Details of QuickClear mechanical thrombectomy system

QuickClear mechanical thrombectomy device is a simple, intuitive system comprising the QuickClear aspiration pump kit and aspiration catheters.

The aspiration pump kit contains a compact, single-use aspiration pump, a booster syringe (60cc) and a disposable container (1400ml).

Aspiration catheters of different sizes used in the system are a 6-French (F) straight tip catheter, an 8F shaped tip catheter and a 10F shaped tip catheter.

Aspiration catheter details

6F catheter has a working length of 130cm, containing a y-connector with a haemostasis valve for use in arterial and venous systems.

8F catheter comes with a y-valve obturator and rotating haemostasis. The 10F catheter is for venous use only, while the 8F catheter is for both arterial and venous use. Both 10F and 8F have a working length of 85cm.

The large 10F-shaped tip aspiration catheter aims to extract thrombus from larger vessels and provides 59% more aspiration volume than 8F aspiration catheters. All three catheters have maximum guidewire diameter of 0.035in.

Shaped tip catheters come with an obturator that facilitates navigation within the vessel to the target location.

The rotating y-valve haemostasis connector facilitates catheter rotation and its connection to the aspiration pump during aspiration.

30cm distal part of all three catheters has a lubricating hydrophilic coating to facilitate fast delivery to the target site. A radio-opaque distal marker pen is at the distal tip to help in fluoroscopic visualisation.

Aspiration pump details

Aspiration pump is a sterile, lithium iron-disulfide batteries-operated vacuum aspiration device with the dimensions of 5.4in x 3.0in x 2.0in. Attached to the aspiration catheter hub through the aspiration tube, the pump maximises the aspiration power.

The tubing attaches to a side port on the homeostasis y-valve with the T-connector end in-line control switch. 60cc syringe is in place for pump-priming, as well as for additional vacuum boosting.

The pump connects to the disposable container or waste collection bag for collecting aspirated material.

During the procedure, the aspiration force consistency gives physicians greater flexibility and facilitates quicker procedure times.

QuickClear mechanical thrombectomy system functioning

The effused catheter with obturator advances over the guiding wire into the target vessel.

“Shaped tip catheters come with an obturator that facilitates navigation within the vessel to the target location.”

Once the catheter reaches the target location, the wire with the obturator is removed, if applicable, and the haemostasis valve closes.

The pump activates after the closure of the in-line control switch. The pump is subsequently turned on, and the in-line control switch opens to start aspirating. The in-line control switch starts and stops aspiration.

A booster syringe can be used with the pump on and in-line control switch open to provide additional vacuum boost by pulling the plunger as many times as possible to remove the clot. The pump drains the fluid from the syringe, as well as from the catheter.

Advantages of QuickClear mechanical thrombectomy system

The intuitive design of the system facilitates accelerated training and simplified operation. The device can start and run at full aspiration capacity within seconds, with the click of a button.

Lithium iron-disulfide batteries in the aspiration pump have high energy capability, steady voltage and longer shelf life when compared to lithium-ion batteries and avoid accidental fire problems.

The compact size of QuickClear makes it simple and comfortable to place it closer to the patient. It is substantially smaller than other devices without aspiration power loss.

The device can help deliver cost-effective options to both the clinical and outpatient treatment settings by eliminating the large initial capital investment costs associated with the conventional mechanical thrombectomy systems.