Precision Technical Products

Precise Medical Products Limited (PMP) is a private manufacturing company established in 1997 and located at Shlomi, Isr

Design and manufacturing services

Precise Medical Products Limited (PMP) is a private manufacturing company established in 1997 and located at Shlomi, Israel. PMP provides a comprehensive design and manufacturing service to the medical and pharmaceuticals industries in the field of precise disposable technical products and parts made from plastic.

By utilising the unique abilities and specialties of TAV-Medical Limited (TAV) – a sister company of PMP specialising in the manufacture of moulds for precise plastic parts, mainly for the medical industry – PMP is able to design and manufacture high-quality parts and products in an extremely short lead-time and dramatically reduce time to market. The company also specialises in the design and assimilation of assembly lines for technical medical parts in a very short time. PMP’s manufacturing activities include:

  • Clean room class 7 and 8 operations
  • Injection moulding: standard, two-components and insert moulding
  • Assembly: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • In-line printing
  • Blister and pouch packaging

PMP’s mission is to offer its customer’s rapid commercialisation of new products and efficient production. To achieve this mission, it has set itself the task of providing its customers with:

  • Product quality that meets the customer’s requirements
  • Short lead-time
  • Cost-effective production
  • Design for manufacturing
  • A balance between productivity and capacity
  • Complete turnkey solutions that meet the customer’s needs

To achieve these objectives, PMP has put in place:

  • A quality culture at all levels and in all departments
  • Synergy that reduces ‘dead’ time to a minimum
  • The flexibility to match customer needs
  • A highly skilled professional team

All PMPs production and R&D activities are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and FDA QSR.

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