The Samsung V6 ultrasound system was launched in November 2023. Photo: Business Wire.
The ultrasound system is tailored to provide clinicians with a flexible solution, effectively addressing the daily clinical requirements in women's health and urology. Credit: Alexander Raths/
The AI technology tool UterineAssist™ is designed to automatically measure the size and shape of the uterus. Credit: RossHelen/

Samsung’s V6 is the latest ultrasound system powered by the company’s core imaging platform, Crystal Architecture, to provide clinicians with a flexible solution that effectively meets the daily clinical requirements in women’s health and urology.

Launched in November 2023, the system integrates image clarity with advanced automated features, providing efficient and comprehensive imaging capabilities suitable for daily ultrasound scanning requirements.

Samsung V6 ultrasound system details and features

Known to enhance image clarity and accuracy, the V6 adapts to different medical environments. The features include remote access, streamlined workflows, a widescreen and a compact, powerful design with the option for a battery. These characteristics enhance accessibility and flexibility for healthcare providers.

The Crystal Architecture imaging platform delivers exceptional 2D and coloured images in general imaging.

The V6 ultrasound system incorporates a suite of technologies aimed at enhancing image quality and diagnostic accuracy.

ClearVision, the noise reduction filter, addresses the challenge of noise reduction, enhancing edge contrast and creating sharp 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The HQ-Vision technology, designed to enhance the visualisation of anatomical structures by addressing blurriness in ultrasound images, works by refining unclear areas, resulting in clearer images through the reduction of inherent characteristics that cause slight blurring. The technology contributes to improved diagnostic precision.

To enhance hidden structures in shadowed regions, ShadowHDR selectively applies high-frequency and low-frequency ultrasound. The advanced feature aids in identifying areas where attenuation occurs, offering a more comprehensive view of diagnosis.

MV-Flow introduces the capability to visualise slow flow in microvascular vessels, displaying the intensity of blood flow in colour. It adds a dynamic dimension to the diagnostic process, particularly in assessing microcirculation.

Another feature that enhances the visualisation of complex vascular structures is LumiFlow, which provides a 3D-like display of blood flow in vessels, offering an intuitive understanding of the structure of blood flow and small vessels.

S-Flow, a directional Power Doppler imaging technology, helps to examine peripheral vessels, enabling the detection of even the most challenging blood flow. The feature enhances the system’s versatility, particularly in cases where traditional methods may fall short.

Other optional features related to women’s health include RealisticVue, which displays high-resolution 3D anatomy of a foetus in utero with detailed expression and realistic depth perception. CrystalVue is an advanced volume rendering technology designed to improve the visualisation of internal and external structures such as the umbilical cord by producing a single rendered image.

Automated tools in Samsung V6 ultrasound system

The miniER7 Endocavity Transducer is a standout feature, with a small design for patient comfort, a wide 180° field of view for comprehensive imaging, and a 2MHz to 12MHz frequency range to fulfil diverse imaging needs. Studies show a significant decrease in patient discomfort during prostate ultrasounds, highlighting its potential to enhance patient experience. It also minimises pain during pelvic examination in women.

ViewAssist, an artificial intelligence (AI) feature, automatically recognises imaging planes and labels anatomy, streamlining documentation and enhancing overall exam workflow for healthcare professionals.

Leveraging Deep Learning, BiometryAssist provides a semi-automated solution for one-click foetal growth measurements, which not only ensures exam consistency but also reduces keystrokes, allowing physicians to focus more on patient care.

An AI technology tool, UterineAssist is designed to automatically measure the size and shape of the uterus. It assists in detecting signs of uterine-related abnormalities, offering an additional layer of diagnostic support.

Mobile Export is a secure solution for sharing images that utilises a straightforward QR code to effortlessly transfer foetal images from the ultrasound system to the patient’s smartphone. It ensures instant sharing of images with friends and family. Real-time image sharing becomes a reality with SonoSync, which provides a communication platform for care guidance and training between doctors and sonographers. Voice and text chat, along with real-time marking functions, enhance communication for improved patient care.

Samsung V6 ultrasound system benefits

The Samsung V6 ultrasound system has undergone rigorous evaluation for acoustic output, biocompatibility, software functionality, cleaning and disinfection efficacy, as well as safety in thermal, electrical, electromagnetic and mechanical aspects.

It also offers a comprehensive range of transducers suitable for a range of clinical requirements. The V6 seamlessly integrates with Cycle Clarity’s AI-based software platform, making it an ideal choice for applications in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.