XyCAM RI™ is a class II retinal imaging device, developed by Vasoptic Medical. Credit: Vasoptic Medical.
The device will be used for non-invasive dynamic retinal blood flow imaging in patients. Credit: Shutterstock
XyCAM RI™ can assist in early diagnosis of various ophthalmic and systemic diseases. Credit: Shutterstock

XyCAM RI is a retinal imaging device, developed by Vasoptic Medical for non-invasive dynamic retinal blood flow imaging in patients with ophthalmic diseases, as well as systemic medical conditions.

The device will increase the ophthalmologists’ access to the retina at a continuously improving resolution.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided 510(k) clearance to XyCAM RI under Class II medical device category for commercialisation in the US in June 2020.

Vasoptic Medical will start taking orders for the XyCAM RI from various clinics, hospitals and academic medical centres. The company also plans to collaborate with academic research institutions to evaluate clinical data supporting expanded use of the device in different diseases.

Details of XyCAM RI retinal imaging device

XyCAM RI is a next-generation retinal imaging device that mounts on a slit-lamp base for easy adjustment of motion, providing dynamic videos of blood flow at the back of the eye and all the associated information.

The device is a non-mydriatic imaging system, which requires no contrast agents. It uses a milder and comfortable illumination compared to other retinal imaging systems. Clinicians with knowledge of the fundus camera can operate the system with minimal training. The fundus camera allows grading of the clinical picture and documents data, which may be required to correlate with the results of other systems.

Furthermore, the device features XyCAM imaging suite containing various tools, which enables physicians to evaluate the blood flow data.

An advanced analysis suite particularly designed for research purposes is also part of the device. The suite provides advanced tools to the researchers to select and assess a certain region. This helps to distinguish arteries from veins as well as to access spatial patterns and temporal trends of blood flow simultaneously in a region of the body.

The device also allows all the analysis results to be shared in any standard format.

XyCAM RI retinal imaging device technology

XyCAM RI utilises laser speckle contrast imaging technology for the visualisation of real-time blood flow. It allows imaging of full-field blood flow and changes in flow pattern across multiple cardiac cycles at an affordable cost.

“The device is a non-mydriatic imaging system, which requires no contrast agents.”

The technology illuminates a biological tissue using a coherent laser light, which gets scattered at the back and forms a speckle pattern. This random interference pattern is captured by the detector. When particles move inside a tissue, they fluctuate the speckle pattern and lead to blurring of speckle images.

Output images have high spatial and temporal resolution. The device has various modes for generating reconstructed fundus, dye-free angiogram and coloured blood flow velocity images for easy visualisation and analysis.

XyCAM RI device has machine learning potential by using the acquired data.

Optical imaging

Optical imaging technology is widely used by ophthalmologists and optometrists for the monitoring and management of various ophthalmic conditions including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vein occlusions, as well as systemic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnoea.

Millions of people are affected by these diseases worldwide, which may indicate the presence of other systemic diseases such as unmanaged diabetic retinopathy that can lead to severe vision impairment and blindness.

Monitoring of blood flow in the retina deciphers its functional status, which can determine critical health issues in people. It will play a crucial role to increase the understanding of various diseases and to improve early-stage diagnosis of various ophthalmic and systemic diseases.

Marketing commentary on Vasoptic Medical

Vasoptic Medical is a medical device company, based in Maryland, US. The company focusses on the development of innovative diagnostic tools for the management of patient’s diseases.

The Abell Foundation is a major supporter and investor in the company.