Concept: Canadian startup Rewind has launched a SaaS solution to protect enterprise data. The solution enables companies to restore, back up, and copy the enterprise-critical data crucial for the business.

Nature of Disruption: Rewind backups the enterprise data regularly to protect it. It covers the incidents such as accidental breaking, altering, or deleting of files, bad CSV files, software conflicts, and malicious attacks. The solution also covers accounting teams’ data backing up. Rewind focuses on cloud-to-cloud backups for major SaaS applications such as GitHub, BigCommerce, Shopify, QuickBooks Online, Shopify Plus, and Trello. Rewind puts the company in control of data from these applications allowing to restore any store from a single image to an entire store. For BigCommerce, Rewind restores descriptions, blogs, themes, orders, pages, individual items, and customer lists. For QuickBooks, it restores attachments, reports, and expenses. Rewind claims it backups 150K plus GitHub repository daily. It protects metadata for GitHub including pull requests, projects, milestones, issues, wikis, and releases. The solution automatically backups clients’ AWS S3 buckets as an additional measure.

Outlook: Most of the SaaS platforms operate on a shared responsibility model whereby the owner of the platform such as Shopify provides infrastructure-level disaster recovery and security in case of systemwide catastrophe. It reinstates all of the customer’s accounts in one go. However, the customer is responsible to protect their data by backing up through password management, and permissions. Rewind does the versioning of the client’s data that allows SaaS app users the ability to control to restore any data specific to date and time. Recently, Rewind has raised $65M in Series B funding round from investors such as Insight Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Atlassian Ventures, Union Ventures, FundFire, Inovia Capital, Ridge Ventures, and ScaleUp Ventures.

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