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Nanotechnology's Small Problem

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform the medical device industry but recent studies have questioned its safety. This has prompted calls for the industry to address the concerns raised before any real danger occurs, writes Catherine Lafferty.

Devices with Heart

Cost vs benefit has become a major talking point in heart surgery. Steve Rogerson looks at the latest technologies available.

Marketing Magic

With tight budgets, how can medical device companies best market their wares? Huw Kidwell investigates.

Sharp Focus for Ultrasounds

High-quality imaging is essential in healthcare for diagnosis, treatment and even prevention. Steve Rogerson looks at how two new electronic chips could change the nature of ultrasound equipment.

Electronics Hit the Mark

Safety is essential for the regulation of electromedical devices, so Europe's CE standards are a welcome benchmark. Andy Clifford of SGS UK talks to Lorrie Kelly about the challenges manufacturers and designers face in this rapidly evolving landscape, and where medical device manufacturers can find tailored assistance to help them keep pace.

A Latin Swing

Once focused on Asia and the East, the medical world has turned towards Latin America as an outsourcing option. Tania Mito of Frost & Sullivan investigates the global shift to this diverse region.

Half-Hearted Treatment

Chronic heart failure can often be fatal, with transplants in fierce demand and other treatment options unavailable. However, a partial circulatory support system could be a suitable solution, as Paul Southworth of Circulite, Inc. explains.

Germany Invests in Innovation

With the global economy slowing, medical device manufacturers are on the look-out for investment opportunities. How does the German market compare with its regional neighbours and international counterparts? Lorrie Kelly, with the help of Nicola Henneberg of Invest in Germany, investigates.

Cooking up a Success

Despite a childhood interest in automotives, Jerry French of Cook Medical became an expert in the field of urology. He tells Andrew Tunnicliffe about his career development and offers an insight into his successes and experiences in the medical world.

Hunting the Killer Computer Bug

The software in medical devices is used to save people's lives, but the consequences of a coding glitch can be fatal. Natalie Coomber looks at how static analysis is putting an end to these killer computer bugs.

Palm-Sized Power

Providing enough power to miniaturised devices worn in or on the body can be a multifaceted challenge. Dr Diana Hodgins explains how the Healthy Aims Project is developing biocompatible and powerful electronics in a minute form.

Servo Market Motors On

Precise control improvements to date in medical equipment have been accomplished with servo motors. They will continue to lead technology advancements forward, writes John Mazurkiewicz of the MCA.

The Second Amendment

The Medical Devices Directive is a significant regulation tool for the industry, but can it be improved even further? Dario Pirovano of Eucomed talks to Barry Mansfield about likely future amendments and what they could mean for manufacturers.

It's in the Blood

Bruce Gingles of Cook Medical discusses the key elements to best-practice infection prevention. He focuses on the key issue of on catheter-related bloodstream infections.

Reprocessing's Role in Infection Control

Devices are increasingly significant in the process of preventing infection, particularly when it comes to their usage. Nic Paton talks to Dr Michael Jhung of the CDC about how the recycling of single-use devices is currently a hot topic.

Testing Times

As regulatory processes increase in complexity, manufacturers and authorities must work to ensure standards are met. Thomas C Novelli of the MDMA investigates how those in the sector should prepare for forthcoming changes.

Septic Solution

Cleaning infected blood cells is set to be a breakthrough for treating patients with serious infections such as sepsis. With a new device purported to do just that, Chong Wing Yung and Donald E Ingber of the Children's Hospital Boston explain how their innovation could save lives and money.

Small Really Can be Beautiful

Nanotechnology is thought to offer revolutionary change in many disciplines, but in the medical sector it could be the distinction between life and death. Steve Rogerson looks at how it is changing the medical devices field forever.

Innovation in Simulation

Innovation is an expensive business, but simulation technology can reduce the time and costs involved. Kenya McCullum reports.