With more than 75 years of experience in wire processing and spring manufacturing, Custom Wire Technologies (CWT) is a leading medical component OEM, providing custom-built components and assemblies for the medical device industry.

While its initial focus was catheter reinforcement coils, CWT’s capabilities have only grown since. New capabilities and vertical integration was added with centerless and profile grinders in 2013, followed by further capability expansion in 2018 with the addition of laser marking, as well as 15,000 sq ft of additional facility space this year.

CWT currently offers a range of services, including custom wire coiling, custom grinding, and wire forming, as well as custom fine wire design, fine wire welding, laser processing, and manufacturing process validation.

To demonstrate how these specialised machines work, CWT has compiled a video to show
the machinery and technology in action as it builds custom-designed wires for the medical profession.

Despite its growth in capabilities, CWT continues to pride itself on providing industry-leading customer services, offering quick responses from its expert team within timelines that large OEMs with backlogs cannot match.

CWT recently launched its QwiCoil program, which reduces lead times to as little as a week. For many catheter manufacturers, OEMs often do not have in-house capabilities to build coils, but CWT is able to provide these products from design, prototyping, through to final product stage, within seven days.

Looking forward, CWT is on track to continue to expand on the applications that its medical wire is utilised for. Its custom fine wire, ultra-fine wire, and guidewire medical components are suitable for various devices, and the company provides prototypes and contract production orders for OEMs, medical device manufacturers, and researchers.

To find out more about Custom Wire Technology, download the white paper below.