The Alleima name, formerly Sandvik Materials Technology, is synonymous with quality stainless steel across numerous sectors, and it continues to thrive as its teams of experts drive innovative solutions for medical device wire components that have been used in pacemakers, glucose monitors, catheters and more across the globe.

Part of this continuous exploration for optimised medical wire components has been acquisitions of companies that offer expertise in exciting areas that Alleima medical customers can benefit from. In 2021, Alleima acquired Accuratech Group, which is a consolidation of three smaller entities; Polyfil AG, Galvarex S.A and Polyflex s.r.l.

“This acquisition is a strategic important step for Alleima and our growth journey in the medical sector,” explains Göran Björkman, president of Alleima. “The footprint of Accuratech will allow us to both have manufacturing and provide for further expansion in Europe and Asia.”

Gary Davies goes on to add: “Through this acquisition, we strengthen Business Unit Medical’s wire forming and component manufacturing capabilities and broaden the product portfolio with medical micro-tubes. I am pleased to welcome all employees at Polyfil, Galvarex and Polyflex to the Alleima family.”

Polyfil provides microwire and tubes, wire insulations and microtechnologies, while Galvarex specialises in surface treatments, electroplating and microelectronic products. Polyflex exclusively focuses on the assembly of semi-finished and finished microelectronic products.

Following this acquisition, Accuratech Group will be reported as part of Kanthal, where the three entities will operate under their current company names until further notice.

Electroplating for medical devices

Furthering Alleima’s capabilities when it comes to surface treatments for medical wire, Galvarex SA provides precision technologies for electroplating treatments. Its electroplating capabilities have been utilised by a number of demanding industries, including electronics, aeronautics, automotive and medical sectors.

Electroplating allows manufacturers to add a thin layer of metal to improve performance and exploit the properties of their coating materials. For medical devices, this is particularly useful for improving biocompatibility, as well as features such as conductivity, wear and corrosion resistance, and increasing strength.

Combining expertise in precision wires and tubes

Polyfil offers a range of capabilities in fine wire, micro-tubes, semi-finished products, and customised solutions that perfectly complement Alleima’s EXERA® brand of medical wire. The company’s range of abilities includes wire drawing, tube refinements to ultra-thin diameters, flat rolling, enamelling, laser welding, cutting, stranding, as well as 3D design, visualisation, and printing.

The 3D design and visualisation are a powerful tool, and can be provided at the prototype stage, which can later be injection moulded or used for another product-related component. Prototypes can also be 3D printed.

All of these capabilities build on Alleima’s EXERA® brand, which was launched in 2016. Offering custom-designed medical wire components that are expertly configured for medical devices, EXERA® products have been used for a variety of applications, including vascular therapy, biosensing and neurostimulation.

For more information about Alleima and the EXERA® brand or to contact them about forming a development partnership, download the whitepaper below.