Organisations have plenty of options when it comes to choosing label management software, and this is no small decision given the costly risk of product recall, failure to meet regulatory requirements, or poor management slowing time to market.

Kallik is the only labeling and artwork management software provider that offers a complete end-to-end enterprise solution, from asset management to print. Its software, Veraciti, enables a centralised, standardised management and approval process, but what are the real, tangible benefits that Kallik customers have seen in their label management?

Medical Device Technology spoke with Dave Tarbuck, VP of Kallik’s Customer Excellence Team, about what Veraciti has to offer.

Preventing product recalls for global customers

Many of Kallik’s customers see the same benefits, so Tarbuck used a long-term, global medical device manufacturer as a prime example: “Because they were so globally spread, they didn’t have one standard tool or process,” Tarbuck explains. “This meant that they were having issues effectively managing what content went onto the labels. They were releasing labels, and if there were problems, they had to recall the product. Not only is this very expensive, but it also damages your reputation.

“With our solution, we gave them that standard platform and a centralised place to store phrases and images. The customer could build the labels on our platform and group them for approval. When the manufacturing site prints them, they’re all printing from a single source, so they know what they’re getting. They’ve got what we call standard validation workflow, and everything is checked as they’re printed.”

Simplifying FDA audits

For products such as medical devices, supplying the correct information on labels and meeting strict compliance requirements is essential. Agencies such as the FDA will carry out audits to ensure that manufacturers are performing as they should, but proving this is tricky with a mismanaged label approval system.

According to Tarbuck: “One of our other customers was having troubles with the FDA, who had come in and asked to be shown how the company created a label. They wanted the approval process, and it was taking this customer hours to compile a history of who had approved what and when. In our system, they can come back to them in five minutes with a full history report straight from the system that details all the versions of the label, who worked on it, when it was worked on, and who made approvals.”

Facilitating customers working remotely

Global companies in particular benefit from centralised systems that they can log into from any location, but throughout the Covid-19 pandemic it became commonplace for many of us to work from home, making this remote access an essential feature for companies big and small.

“Our system automatically lends itself to remote working because it was always designed for people to just log into from anywhere,” Tarbuck explains.

“We’ve got customers using it in Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe, the US, Australia. It’s designed for global access and speeding up the supply chain.”

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