By utilising Ohm’s law, where changing resistance directly affects voltage or current, potentiometers measure and control electrical output. In the medical device field, it is essential that all components are perfectly calibrated to ensure that the accuracy and reliability of the potentiometer fall within critical parameters that keep patients safe.

These devices are used for various applications in the medical sector, including speed control potentiometers for respiratory care, as well as power supply/user interface knobs for various sensors and other electronic devices.

As the use of electronics in medical devices and healthcare equipment becomes more prevalent, so does the focus on ensuring efficiency and safety.  This includes assessing how accurately and safely potentiometers are performing.

Medical wire components used in potentiometers must be able to reliably transmit and sense electrical current and/or temperature. Selecting the ideal configuration for medical wire components for any application can be especially tricky when there are many requirements. This is why so many medical device manufacturers turn to experts such as Sandvik to design and develop ultra-fine medical wire that is optimised for the job.

With a portfolio of more than 200 alloys and a specialisation in choosing the best materials and configurations, Sandvik Material Technology’s EXERA® wire-based components are used for a variety of applications, including vascular therapy, sensing, and neurostimulation.

Building on the company’s extensive expertise in stainless steel products with its medical-grade stainless steel fine medical wire, Sandvik also offers precious metals and alloys, including sensor alloys. Additionally, Sandvik also provides an extensive range of insulation and bonding coatings, including Polyurethane, Polyesterimide and Polyimide.

The customisations available to customers are unlimited, and Sandvik is invested in ensuring that the end-product is high-quality, effective, and sustainable.

For more information about EXERA®  fine medical wire-components, including available materials and surface treatments, download the white paper below.