For blood pressure and airflow sensors in ventilators, fine medical wires are used to transmit electrical signals from a sensor component placed in the body to an external signal processing device. Multi-filar Copper Conductors are tri-filar wires used to transmit signals from a piezoelectric chip for fractional flow reserve devices.

Offering more than 200 alloys, in addition to specialising in selecting the best materials and configurations, EXERA ® wire-based components are used for a variety of applications, from vascular therapy to biosensing and neurostimulation. In addition to blood pressure and airflow sensors in ventilators, they have been used for devices such as cochlear implants, pacemaker leads, continuous glucose monitors for diabetes care, tremor control for people with Parkinson’s or epilepsy, catheters and guidewires for all kinds of minimally invasive devices.

The customisations available to customers are unlimited, and Sandvik is invested in ensuring that the end-product is high-quality, effective and sustainable. Customers can choose from a variety of materials, sizes, surface treatments and product forms. When it comes to electrical sensors, Sandvik categorises these devices into multi-electrode arrays and tetrodes. While medical device components can be customised especially for every customer, fine wire used for blood pressure and airflow sensors in ventilators are commonly manufactured from Copper, Nickel, or Gold. Sandvik also offers an extensive range of insulation and bonding coatings, including Polyurethane, Polyesterimide and Polyimide.

For more information about EXERA fine medical wire-components, including available materials and surface treatments, download the white paper below.