A leading development partner and full-service supplier of bespoke plastic system solutions for medical applications, GOLLER Systems provides primary packaging and medical devices for dosing, mixing, and drug delivery systems.

The company are experts in the field of plastic injection moulding for medical applications, making it an ideal partner for demanding projects through its state-of-the-art technology, efficient processes, and decades of experience from a committed team.

GlobalData caught up with GOLLER Systems’ sales managing director Dieter Döll to find out more about why the company’s advanced micro-moulding machines and tools, manufactured by field specialists, offer the highest precision and most reliable quality when implemented in cleanroom environments.

Victoria Smith: What is GOLLER Systems’ latest innovation for injection moulding in the cleanroom environment?

Dieter Döll: Injection moulding of plastic components for medical applications is the core competence of GOLLER Systems. We have been moulding plastic parts in a cleanroom environment for 30 years.

Now, we offer technology to our customers that brings a considerable advantage for small plastic components – micro-moulding. For such parts, made by standard moulding, there is an enormous material wastage and lack of precision. Micro-moulding, however, is cost-effective and, at the same time, allows the highest rigour. It is also the ideal technology for parts with even very tiny nanostructures. It is a technical leap – few contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) in this branch (usually companies much more sizeable than GOLLER) have this technology in place. We had requests for development and production of micro-parts in the last few years; now, we are ready to offer practical solutions.

VS: How do you see the market for such equipment evolving in the near to mid-future?

DD: There is an undeniable trend towards miniaturisation in medical technology. It is going to get even more preeminent. The demand for smaller parts will increase, and we expect that companies will need our equipment for far more medical applications: devices such as catheters, surgical instruments, hearing aids, implants, but also for diagnostics: point-of-care (POC) testing devices, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip. In the pharmaceutical sector, we expect more applications needing micro-parts, for example, drug delivery devices, in-vitro parts, and filters.

VS: What are some of the international trends for plastic applications in the medical technology sector?

DD: Generally, healthcare systems worldwide are improving their services, especially in the field of diagnostics in more comprehensive laboratories. A higher degree of automation, using sophisticated equipment for cost-effective analysis leads to a higher demand for consumables made of plastic.

Another trend is the replacements of glass or metal by plastics, as this material is less expensive and components can be designed conveniently and faultlessly to the individual needs of any original equipment manufacturer (OEM). One of the biggest trends, from our point of view, is the POC Diagnostics, which means test kits, test cartridges and countless other testing devices made using plastic materials.

VS: What are the key considerations when choosing GOLLER as a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) for the development of injection micro-moulding parts for cleanroom environments?

DD: From a customer point of view, the key considerations when choosing GOLLER are that we have the best available machine in place, technically mature and perfected. We are moulding experts and pioneers; we had the first-ever moulding machine of Austria installed in our premises, and we work with the best specialists in the country for mould-making.

Furthermore, we are fully specialised in medical technology, and have a proven track record of quality level in our cleanrooms, with no failure in three decades. The team is ambitious, always striving for development and perfection, which fits well to micro-technology.

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