To support the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, Sandvik has increased its supply of precision medical wire for ventilators.

Working from its precision wire manufacturing facility in Palm Coast, Florida, Sandvik’s team is diligently working double shifts to produce greater volumes of the EXERA® medical wire, which is a component used in ventilators. The demand for these ventilation machines has increased drastically in the wake of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly for supporting the lives of those most vulnerable to the virus.

Hospitals across the globe have been reaching out to manufacturers to provide ventilators as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to put an increasing strain on the healthcare industry.

According to Sandvik’s head of Business Unit Medical and Product Unit manager at Palm Coast, Gary Davies: “We are happy to increase our production of the wire that goes into ventilators and thus be able to support the fight against the coronavirus.”

Working swiftly to supply essential medical device components, Sandvik is supporting the healthcare industry through a turbulent time in order to save lives and support healthcare workers.

EXERA® medical wire has been used for a variety of applications, such as vascular therapy, sensing and neurostimulation. In September 2019, EXERA® medical wire was used in a NAVA ventilation system to save the life of a baby born prematurely in Japan. In this application, the wire was used to detect diaphragm activity and deliver breaths in synchrony with the newborn’s own respiratory drive.

About Sandvik

Sandvik custom manufactures high-quality wire and wire-based components, working with customers to choose the best materials and configurations to achieve their end-goals. Customisations include a choice between a wide range of materials, surface treatments, sizes, and products forms.

For more information about EXERA® fine medical wire, including a full list of materials, or to contact Sandvik about developing a partnership, visit their website.