The modern healthcare industry is developing at pace as digital transformation drives the way organisations work, provide services, and deliver effective user experiences. The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated change across the healthcare ecosystem, driving public and private health systems to adapt and innovate in a short period.

The medical refrigeration market is no exception. It has experienced significant transformation across all major geographies and its competitiveness has substantially increased. What distinguishes successful specialists in this field is experience, innovation, and the adoption of cutting-edge technology.

Products including blood refrigerators, medical refrigerators, biomedical freezers, and ultra-low freezers must be high-performing, safe, energy efficient and reliable.

As governments around the world continue to roll out their vaccine campaigns to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, cold chain infrastructures and ultra-low freezers remain critical to their success. There is no room for error.

If vaccines are to reach healthcare facilities at their optimal temperatures – where their efficacy remains unchanged – then high quality and dependable biomedical storage and transportation solutions are a necessity. This is as true for a city as it is for a remote area with limited power supply.

One reason B Medical Systems is trusted by pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals globally is because it has more than 40 years of experience and innovation at its core.

As well as ultra-low freezers the Luxembourg-based business is an established supplier of laboratory refrigerators and freezers, blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers and contact shock freezers. These solutions provide safe storage and transport of medical temperature-sensitive products or samples, anywhere.

Responsible business

B Medical Systems is also committed to acting responsibly and sustainably – something that investors, governments, and consumers rate increasingly highly.

Its engineers are continuously working on ways to reduce carbon footprint, for example. With temperatures ranging from -86°C to -20°C, ultra-low freezers have played a critical role throughout the pandemic, but many are energy-intensive and can consume approximately as much as the average household per day.

B Medical Systems’ ultra-low freezers use state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, inner doors, gaskets, and insulation, resulting in superior energy efficiency. Because they maintain a uniform temperature distribution, they’re highly reliable as well.

Companies that take sustainability seriously now will be better placed to succeed in the future. B Medical Systems’ CEO Luc Provost says that long-term thinking is at the heart of business decisions. He points to the company’s solar cold chain refrigerators and freezers, which give isolated or remote communities access to the safe storage of vaccines and medicines. Rather than rely on batteries or regulators, they use the energy from the sun.

“When we conceive a product, we ensure a long lifespan,” he says. “For example, our solar refrigerators have a 10-year warranty.

“Even in very harsh conditions, our products work so well they rarely need to provide after-sales services. When they do need a service, we know about it because they’re equipped with a remote temperature monitoring device called a ‘data logger’, which allows a 24/7 real-time monitoring of their performance, use, and online geolocation.

“We know exactly where technicians are needed, and we even know what kind of component they need to make the repair.”

Future innovations

Not content to rest on its laurels, the business has greatly increased its R&D activities, focusing on answering the growing storage and transport needs of the medical world. Mr. Provost says the company continues to invest in Intellectual Property and to date has more than 100 patents.

B Medical Systems is committed to continuous development and delivering solutions that provide maximum performance as well as reducing environmental footprint. Mr. Provost says: “That’s where B Medical Systems has been very successful, to really be ahead of the curve and, at an early stage, identify new technologies for our solutions.”

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