A coalition of companies assembled by Stratasys has assembled to 3D-print face shields for clinicians treating Covid-19 patients.

The shields consist of a 3D-printed visor and a clear plastic shield that covers the entire face. Any 3D printing shop that wishes to help by printing at least 100 visors can fill out an online form to be invited to join the effort.

More than 150 companies and universities have now joined the coalition, Stratasys said.

Stratasys set an initial goal to produce 5,000 visors by 27 March, which it has now exceeded. It expects to produce more than 11,000 this week and 16,000 or more next week. The first shipments started on 25 March, and thus far have served the needs of more than 30 different health systems. This includes hospitals, clinics, academic medical centres and nursing homes