Artificial intelligence (AI) data management company Ataccama has offered its technology to governments around the world free of charge to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

To accurately assess population immunity and the rate of virus spread, detailed data about Covid-19 tests must be collected, processed and consolidated accurately. However, testing data can be highly unreliable due to manual data recording during the testing process, as well as a decentralised testing approach with data residing in hundreds of lab systems stored in various formats.

While integrating lab, hospital and health data processing could take years, hundreds of global organisations already use the Ataccama ONE platform to integrate, cleanse and de-duplicate data. Governments will now be able to use the platform free of charge to monitor national Covid-19 data and cut down on error rates.

Ataccama CEO Michal Klaus said: “With advanced data management and governance, authorities can model the pandemic development based on real, high-quality data, make the right decisions, and balance restrictions needed to save lives while reopening the economy as fast as possible.”