Aegea Biotechnologies, a life science company, and Biocept, a molecular diagnostic assays provider, have announced a supply agreement for a new PCR-based Covid-19 assay test kit co-developed by the companies. Aegea will supply the COVID-19 assay kit to Biocept for validation in its CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited high-complexity molecular lab and subsequent commercialization of a laboratory developed test (LDT).

Enzo Biochem has announced that its proprietary GENFLEX molecular diagnostic platform successfully detects the presence of Covid-19 variants. While its PCR testing does not differentiate between different variants, positive samples can be analysed further for variants. Current rapid antigen tests in the marketplace do not have this ability.

Co-Diagnostics is developing a new point-of-care, at-home PCR diagnostic testing, screening, and surveillance platform, capable of detecting Covid-19 and other diseases using its CoPrimer technology. The test can be performed at businesses, homes, schools, hotels, airports, airplanes, cruise ships, and in other locations.