BioAcumen Global has developed a freeze-dried Covid-19 PCR test kits technique called lyophilisation, which eliminates the current need to refrigerate the test kits. With the help of lyophilisation, the kits can be stored and transported with ease, and can be preserved at room temperature without any degradation. BioAcumen has now opened a new lyophilisation facility, with a capacity to freeze-dry 2,400 PCR tests in a single day.

Uganda has locally developed rapid test kits for Covid-19 screening. Lead developer Dr Misaki Wayengera, alongside staff and students at the Makerere University, will be the first to receive the rapid antibody test kits. Dr. Wayengera, who also developed the Ebola testing kits, stated that the new Covd-19 testing kits are approved by the National Drug Authority. The testing kit is expected to cost approximately $1 per kit and delivers results in just five minutes.

Teräcero Pharma, along with its German partner nal von Minden, has announced that Health Canada has issued an authorisation for the import and commercialisation of Minden’s NADAL Rapid Test. Teräcero has the exclusive rights to distribute the test in Canada. The test has a sensitivity of 95% after 15 days of symptom appearance, which increases to 98% after 21 days and to 99.5% at 25 days or more.