Adaptive Biotechnologies has launched the T-Detect COVID, the first clinical T-cell based test that can confirm either a recent or prior Covid-19 infection. In real-world studies, the first-in-class test outperformed other leading antibody tests. T-Detect is currently being reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use authorisation (EUA).

Cue Health has announced that its molecular point-of-care Covid-19 test has received the CE mark, thereby allowing the company to sell and distribute the test across the EU. The Cue Covid-19 test is an extremely sensitive and specific nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT), which runs on the Cue Health monitoring system, delivering results in about 20 minutes via the Cue Health app.

QMC HealthID has announced a collaboration with Tried & Tested Covid-19 testing services to add new capabilities for coronavirus diagnostic testing in the UK. The QMC HealthID will allow individuals and companies to see and choose a particular Covid-19 test kit and record the test results.