HipSaver has introduced the DermaSaver Sci-Tex Mask construction which was tested by Nelson Laboratories. The Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE) test showed that the construction of the DermaSaver Sci-Tex mask material can be up to 91.8% effective in preventing the penetration of sprayed virus particles through the mask. The tested virus particles are five times smaller than the Covid-19 virus particles, which indicates that the effectiveness of preventing the penetration of Covid-19 virus particles may be higher.

OpGen, on a non-exclusive basis, has begun the marketing and promotion of some of the products provided by Menarini Silicon Biosystems (MSB) to medical facilities and scientists working with infectious diseases. As part of the partnership, OpGen is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the CELLSEARCH System, the CELLSEARCH CEC Suite and some Covid-19 related products that MSB sells and distributes on a non-exclusive basis.

The County of Santa Cruz and University of California, Santa Cruz, have partnered to expand local Covid-19 testing capacity with federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. By purchasing additional laboratory equipment worth $805,000 for the UCSC Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, the local testing capacity is expected to increase to 600 to 800 tests each day, once fully operational.

Todos Medical sold over $550,000 worth of Covid-19 tests last month. Sales were driven by an automated 3D Med ANDis extraction machine and a 3D Med RNA extraction reagent purchased by CLIA Laboratories in the US, which improved RT-PCR testing capabilities. Last month, Todos sold its products to laboratory partners in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin to address the areas where there has been a recent rise in Covid-19 cases.