Two new Covid-19 vaccine testing facilities have been set up in Pune and Hyderabad, India, financed by the PM-CARES Fund. The new facilities are expected to test vaccines for Covid-19 and other diseases, according to demand, and will test about 60 batches of vaccines per month. The Department of Biotechnology had set up these two vaccine testing facilities in the National Centre for Cell Science in Pune and the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology in Hyderabad, the Ministry of Science & Technology stated.

GG56, a South Korean blockchain company, has opened the source code and intellectual property rights of its mobile digital pass solution, Pass&Go. The blockchain based platform issues temporary digital passes for users based on Covid-19 vaccination, test or prior infection status.

Eurofins, a testing laboratories company, has rapidly developed a broad network of approximately 500 Covid-19 testing centres across Europe and is also looking to establish about 1,000 testing centres by early July. The Covid-19 testing centres cover major travel hubs and provide testing access across many locations including business parks, supermarkets and residential areas, thereby improving people’s proximity to easy and quick testing.