Relay Medical has created a new system based on its Pharmatrac platform to enable home, small business and community testing. The device and mobile app can be used with lateral flow diagnostic kits, including Covid-19 antigen and antibody tests. Relay added that the new cost-effective system leverages FRR’s Fionet cloud-based rapid testing and monitoring platform for more compliant Covid-19 testing.

Todos Medical has reported that its lab Provista Diagnostics concluded the validation studies of the Kogene Biotech PCR Variant Test Kit, which is designed to detect the crucial mutations related to certain SARS-CoV-2 variants, including the P681R mutation found in the Delta variant. The test allows Todos to classify the lineage of the strain associated with a positive Covid-19 test. It delivers results within one hour, which is considered much quicker compared to genome sequencing. These validation studies will support the start of the test kit’s production and its launch next month.

US drugstore chain Rite Aid has partnered with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and BioReference Laboratories to launch a ‘Back to School’ Covid-19 testing programme in New York State. Students in public schools in the state will have access to RT-PCR lab-based Covid-19 tests before or at the start of the upcoming school year. Digital results will be provided to parents.