Sorrento Therapeutics Mexico has signed a contract with a large distributor to market and supply up to ten million COVISTIX COVID-19 Virus Rapid Antigen Detection Tests in the Mexican market. Earlier, the company entered a contract with a distributor to supply up to five million tests in the country. The latest deal takes the number of Covid-19 tests to be supplied in the country to 15 million so far.

Todos Medical has reported that its automated CLIA/CAP PCR and cPass neutralising antibody Covid-19 testing laboratory, Provista Diagnostics, attained record weekly Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing volumes consecutively for the last two weeks of the month. The rise in testing volumes was chiefly steered by reference from a US-based PCR testing lab that was unable to meet the testing demand. Furthermore, Todos signed a laboratory services agreement with a US-based doctors’ practice for Covid-19 PCR testing and COVID cPass neutralising antibody testing.