Todos Medical has made the final payment for its $10m acquisition of Provista Diagnostics, which runs a diagnostic testing laboratory that currently enables Covid-19 PCR testing. It also has a breast cancer blood test known as Videssa. Todos is now boosting the marketing team of Provista to build on its automated expertise in Covid-19 PCR testing, variant detection and neutralising antibody testing. Furthermore, Todos expects its cPass neutralising antibody test to be useful as new viral variants challenge the vaccines’ efficacy.

Researchers at Hackensack Meridian University Medical Center and Berry Consultants have created a new model to predict the mortality risk within 40 days in hospitalised Covid-19 patients. The model works by considering a patient’s age, respiratory and oxygenation rates and preexisting conditions. It could help doctors make treatment decisions and inform therapeutic strategies.

Increasing Delta SARS-CoV-2 variant cases in the US have increased demand for Recuro Health’s at-home or onsite Covid-19 testing platform, the company said. The platform is designed to facilitate rapid antigen and PCR testing for Covid-19 with immediate results. Recuro has received multiple requests from employers across the US for its testing platform after the new directives were issued.