The UK government has launched a research programme focused on the diagnosis and treatment of long Covid. With the support of £19.6m, the programme will involve 15 new research studies to support the vulnerable population. As part of the project, University College London will conduct a long Covid trial to examine MRI scans as a diagnostic tool for potential organ damage. The trial will also test for improved rehabilitation via an app for symptom checking and to evaluate current drugs as potential treatments.

NG Biotech has unveiled its new Ninonasal COVID-19 antigen self-test to identify the Delta and Epsilon variants of Covid-19 using nasal samples. The test, which delivers results within minutes, can also detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma variants of SARS-CoV-2. Ninonasal has secured the European CE mark after showing the ability to clinically identify the critical variants of concerns in hospitals in the region.

Trinity Biotech is advancing the development of a Covid-19 rapid antigen test based on its lateral flow technology. Designed to run without any specific instruments, the test offers results in 12 minutes after analysing an anterior nasal swab sample. Trinity Biotech, which also provides an HIV detection test, anticipates the continued use of antigen testing as part of the overall public health response to the Covid-19 pandemic.