BD is providing a digitally read, rapid antigen test to support its testing and screening efforts for Covid-19 in K-12 schools in Washington, US. The company will offer its portable BD Veritor Plus point-of-care test, which can identify the Covid-19 virus within 15 minutes. Schools across the state will be able to use the test at no cost as part of the collaboration.

The US has entered an agreement to procure rapid Covid-19 tests from Abbott and Celltrion to distribute to nursing homes and other high-risk populations, reports Reuters. As part of US President Joe Biden’s vaccinate or test plans, the government will obtain rapid tests worth approximately $2bn. The deals with Celltrion and Abbott are valued at up to $626m and $554.4m, respectively.

Co-Diagnostics has received authorisation for the sale of its Logix Smart Influenza A/Influenza B/COVID-19 “ABC” Test in Mexico. The Mexican Department of Epidemiology granted the approval after an independent review of the test’s sensitivity and specificity as an RT-PCR multiplex test. Logix Smart, which secured CE Mark last year, is designed to precisely differentiate between influenza A/B and Covid-19.