17 April

Healthcare provider HCA Healthcare has announced that it will provide 1,000 ventilators to aid hospitals treating Covid-19 patients. HCA plans to donate the ventilators as a part of the collaborations between American Hospital Association and federal government and health systems. This initiative, which is a public-private collaboration, aims to provide ventilators to areas of critical need. HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen was a part of the briefing at the White House with US President Donald Trump where the Dynamic Ventilator Reserve was launched on 14 April.

Vayyar has announced that the Government of Israel has opted to use its sensor technology in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The technology is equipped with sensors that offer touchless, remote and confidential monitoring to detect the vital signs of Covid-19 patients.  The data, such as pulse, heart rate variability and respiratory rate, can be monitored remotely, which reduces the exposure of healthcare professionals to the virus.

Vent Multiplexor and Yale New Haven Hospital have announced that the emergency rescue device, Vent Multiplexor, received the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Vent Multiplexor was developed by Vent Multiplexor in partnership with Yale New Haven Hospital. It is claimed to be the first ever device designed to enable individualised ventilation care for two patients sharing a single mechanical ventilator.

Sanofi and Luminostics plan to collaborate on a unique Covid-19 self-testing solution. The companies will develop a smartphone-based solution that will not require tests in a laboratory or healthcare professional administration. The test is expected to provide results in less than 30 minutes. It will use the optics of a smartphone app along with an inexpensive adapter. This combines signal processing artificial intelligence and ‘glow-in-the-dark’ nanochemistry.