Capsule Technologies has announced that it is offering its Ventilated Patient Surveillance (VPS) workstation to users of its Medical Device Information Platform. This workstation offers a centralised remote observation platform for all of the ventilator data of patients and ‘clinically actionable emergent events’. This will aid the caregivers to manage the ventilated patients in a safe and effective manner.

Vayyar Imaging has partnered with Meditemi to develop a more intelligent care robot that can offer different remote monitoring capabilities such as early detection of Covid-19 symptoms and health deterioration and fall alerts. The robot can carry out a touchless scan of a patient’s heart rate (BPM), respiratory rate (RPM), waveforms and temperature when they are standing within one metre.

Abbott has received a contract to supply its laboratory-based IgG antibody tests to UK’s National Health Service (NHS) laboratories in the next few months. The company has currently shipped 800,000 antibody tests to NHS laboratories this week. The tests will be used under the Covid-19 testing initiative of the UK Secretary of State for Health.