Cybersecurity investment firm C4 Capital has added a stream of new members to its Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare.

The Alliance is now supported by organisations including ITC Secure, IronNet Cybersecurity, Haven Cyber Technologies, Enveil, 4iQ, Blue Cedar, Hazelcast, SAP NS2, Modex, Telos, OneVinn, TruSTAR, Privitar, Cynamics, The Global Cyber Centre by SOSA and Klaatu IT Security.

The healthcare sector has had to respond to an unprecedented number of cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Iron Net Cybersecurity founder Keith Alexander said: “As the Covid-19 outbreak accelerates worldwide, threat adversaries are taking advantage of popular fears about the disease to spread malware that provides them access to sensitive personal and corporate data. We must come together as one — through Collective Defense — to protect and defend global healthcare providers. They represent the front line of this crisis; as cybersecurity experts, we must work together behind the scenes to ensure reliability and continuity of service.”