18 September

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 30.2 million with over 946,000 deaths and 20,532,000 recoveries.

Worldwide the Covid-19 cases and recoveries are trending upwards while deaths remain low.

The US has the largest number of confirmed cases globally with the leading states appearing to have passed their peaks.

Infections in India continue to rise with no signs of a peak.

Popular holiday destination Croatia has tripled the number of daily confirmed cases when comparing to values seen in April.

This coincides with the lifting of travel bans and an influx of tourists.

The UK has ordered a two-week quarantine for all traveling back into the country from Croatia to limit any possible spread.

Croatia may need to enhance public health awareness especially in regards to tourism to curtail the rise.

Nneoma Okeke, MD, Epidemiologist at GlobalData