UK diagnostics firm Intelligent Fingerprinting has joined forces with Imperial College London to develop fingerprint testing technology for Covid-19.

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s sweat-based fingerprint diagnostics platform has already proven itself as a drug test system, but will now be repurposed to test for SARS-CoV-2. The highly sensitive lateral flow technology and fluorescence measurement techniques within a portable test reader could help to create a point-of-care test that allows Covid-19 testing to be carried out quickly and safely, without the need for specialist training.

Imperial College director of global health Lord Darzi said: “Adding rapid point-of-care testing capacity would help us to get much closer to understanding the spread of the virus. Fingerprint testing using a portable system would also be particularly valuable in supporting simple and easy testing by non-medically trained staff at multiple sites across the UK, such as care homes and workplaces.”