Iotics has launched CriticalCare Project to provide real-time status of critical care bed availability across the UK. The company has created a digital twin of every hospital in England with the number of critical care beds, and is encouraging local authorities and hospitals to input their essential bed availability data.

The technology has the potential to add new sources of data for test results, ventilator utilisation, patient administration and more.

Iotics CEO Robin Brattel said: “The inability to access, mobilise and utilise data is having crippling effects on the public, first-responders, healthcare services and businesses.

“It is paramount to have access to all relevant data to make informed decisions, so at Iotics we can harness and integrate unstructured data stuck in multiple silos and make it available to the entire COVID-19 response ecosystem. We are currently talking to people at hospital, local and national level as well as other technology partners to see how we can accelerate deployment.”