Luxembourg has entrusted Laboratoires Réunis Luxembourg and Ecolog International with carrying out its nationwide Covid-19 testing programme.

It is the first country to launch systematic nationwide testing, as part of the Proactive Mitigation Program designed by its COVID-19 Task Force.

Ecolog will now establish 17 testing stations across the country with a capacity of up to 20,000 daily tests for citizens, residents and cross-border workforces. The programme has capacity for Luxembourg’s entire population of around 625,000 people to be tested for Covid-19.

Ecolog CEO Ali Vezvaei said: “Acting and mobilising our assets and technology rapidly in times of crisis is part of Ecolog’s DNA. We are proud to contribute with our Screening & Diagnostic Solution to the safety and well-being of the society in Luxembourg during these challenging times. We believe that large-scale testing is the most effective way to help resume economic life and social livelihood.”