Medicspot is rolling out a health diagnosis system across the UK that will allow general practitioners (GPs) to assess patients remotely.

The company’s contact-free stations, which are installed in doctor’s surgeries, can carry out tests on temperature and oxygen levels, as well as heart and lung checks. The station guides patients through performing examinations on themselves, while remotely monitored by their doctor who makes sure they’re carrying out the tests correctly.

Five surgeries in the UK have already installed the technology with others waiting to do so.

Medicspot CEO Dr Zubhair Ahmed said: “With retired GPs returning to work to support the NHS at this time, and a reported quarter of healthcare professionals in self-isolation, the ability to remotely diagnose patients removes the associated risk to GPs and patients of contracting the virus. It also lessens the current pressure around PPE provision, which has been in short supply.

“In addition, this system will give GPs the ability to restart their scheduled chronic disease services. Patients with conditions such as high blood pressure, COPD or asthma are not being monitored due to the present situation and it is imperative that we do as much as we can to help restart this review process when the time is right.”