Canadian manufacturer of osteoarthritis products OligoMedic has announced the launch of its CE mark injectable implant JointRep, which is a cartilage repair product developed for treatment of articular defects in knee, hip, ankle, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and extremities.

JointRep is implanted at the defect site using a guided syringe or arthroscopy and solidifies immediately, filling the cartilage void and bridging with healthy anatomical boundaries.

Product administration is controlled by arthroscopy or through either fluoroscopy or ultrasound and the entire process is completed in a short time.

JointRep is a simple biocompatible, bioadhesive, and easy-to-use matrix to fill small and large cartilage defects. It comprises of a 4ml syringe-kit recombined during surgical procedure, and is prepared and implanted at the defect sites in less than three minutes.

It is reportedly the first CE-marked injectable implant that fills any size articular defects, preserves cartilage, reduces pain, and delays joint replacement wherever possible.

“JointRep provides a significant added-value to 98% of arthroscopy procedures packed in a three-minute procedural time.”

JointRep has the property to be in a gel form at room temperature and as a solid at body temperature that makes it a convenient and ease-of-use handling during arthroscopy.

OligoMedic CEO Dr Amine Selmani said the rationale behind JointRep development represents the fruit of company’s deep understanding and knowledge of physician/patient needs in reducing osteoarthritis pain and improving patient’s quality of life.

“JointRep provides a significant added-value to 98% of arthroscopy procedures packed in a three-minute procedural time,” Dr Selmani said.

The product has shown a significant reduction of WOMAC score at six months with a prolonged effect, to-date, up to 18 months in a clinical follow-up study conducted under Canadian SAP.

JointRep reduces the cost and risk of the procedure and is relatively straighforward.

The company intends to launch JointRep in Europe at the 51st National Congress SCIM, on 3 October in Rimini, Italy.

OligoMedic plans to achieve regulatory approvals in regions such as Latin America, Asia and MENA.

The company is currently expanding its product distribution to Italy, Belgium, Greece, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

According to GlobalData estimates, orthobiologics market in Europe was valued at $849m in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% to reach $1.25bn by 2019.