Chinese laboratories and factories have a new distribution channel of diagnostic tests and surgical masks in newly launched non-profit RapidWard.

Founded by humanitarian Milton Zhou, RapidWard volunteers are helping source and lock in production contracts with the most advanced laboratories and factories in the country. The organisation is selling its inventory of rapid diagnostic tests and surgical masks at not-for-profit, with the testing kits retailing for $12 each.

Consumers can register their interest to purchase equipment at a future date on the company’s website. The company is seeking international volunteers to expand its reach across the world.

RapidWard’s tests are CE and TUV SUD, registered with the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority. Their surgical masks meet all clinical specifications N95 masks have US Food and Drug Administration approval.

Milton Zhou said: “The time for action is now – the 1,000% markup, grotesque profiteering and artificial shortages that characterize the responses to date should be considered crimes against humanity at this stage in the pandemic.”