Healthtech company Patchwork.Health has partnered with digital passports provider Truu to enable the rapid deployment of key NHS staff members during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The partnership will enable clinicians and support staff to be deployed to whichever NHS Trust has the greatest need, without the delay of several days usually required for ID and qualification checks to be carried out.

Patchwork.Health has already made its platform free for NHS Trusts across the UK for the duration of the crisis. The software allows hospitals to directly source qualified healthcare professionals to fill shift vacancies, helping to maintain safe staffing levels.

Truu’s digital staff passports enable healthcare workers to accumulate credentials issued from their home hospitals, which are then shared securely with new hospitals.

Truu’s digital passport complements Patchwork.Health’s offering during the current crisis, as it enables instantaneous validation of staff identity details, PPE training and Fit Test assessments, facilitating rapid onboarding of key workers across NHS Trusts.