StablevaX, a novel vaccine storage technology developed by British firm Stablepharma, could help combat Covid-19 and other future pandemics.

StablevaX allows vaccines to be transported and stored for years in a syringe without refrigeration, which could enable countries to confidently stockpile vaccines. The World Health Organisation currently estimates that 50% of the world’s vaccine supply is rendered ineffective due to failings in delivery and storage refrigeration processes.

The current candidates for a Covid-19 vaccine include re-purposed drugs; established antivirals; monoclonal antibodies; non-specific therapeutics and new vaccines in development such as recombinant live virus vectors. StablevaX has been shown to thermally stabilise samples of all these classes of product.

The technology uses trehalose to stabilise vaccines by drying out doses within a sponge housed inside a syringe. The result is an instantly injectable vaccine that can be stores on shelves in most climates.