Visbion’s Image Cube has been deployed to the new NHS Nightingale hospitals tackling Covid-19 in London, Birmingham and Harrogate, and is being installed in over 150 mobile imaging trailers.

The Visbion Image Cube is an effective DICOM 3.0 routing, translation, compression and encryption appliance. It can be used to automate and encrypt a point-to-point link from one location or system to another, or from one hospital to another to allow a mobile scanning truck to pull up to multiple hospitals with a variety of picture archiving and communication systems (PACs).

Visbion chairman and founder Professor Richard Kitney said: “Modern healthcare practice relies heavily on the use of medical imaging techniques (e.g. CT and MRI) to achieve effective diagnosis. The use of mobile facilities has significant economic and practical advantages for Hospital Trusts, allowing them to secure imaging as and when needed without the need for significant financial investment.”