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Laser Testing and Measurement Equipment

Ophir Photonics produces laser test and measurement equipment for the medical device industry.

Ophir Photonics produces laser test and measurement equipment for the medical device industry.

Laser measuring equipment

Ophir's range of equipment precisely measures laser power, energy, beam size and spatial intensity distribution.

The two main branches of Ophir Photonics are power and energy measurement such as laser power meters and spatial beam distribution, which includes laser beam profilers.

Power and beam size are the most crucial parameters of the laser, since power density (power divided by incident area) is a key factor of the process quality.

The effect the laser has on the subject such as a mechanical work piece or a patient is directly proportionate to the power density. Different values of laser power density are good for various purposes, so it is important that the power density matches the required application.

Laser power and energy meters

Ophir has a full line of display power meters and USB interfaces for PC connection. Each plug-and-play meter is compatible with almost all power and energy sensors.

Customers can get a sensitive photodiode for measuring microwatts and milliwatts, as well as a water-cooled thermal sensor for monitoring kilowatts.

Both sensors can be connected to the same meter as needed. Pyroelectric energy sensors can measure from 0.05µJ to up to 8,000J.

Measurement accuracy

Ophir power and energy sensors are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and highly accurate, usually ±3%.

The company also offers a special calibration service to attain even higher accuracy.

Laser beam profiling

Laser beam profiling provides the full picture and shape of a beam, which is necessary since its size can mislead users if it has a hot-spot or an irregularity.

Profiling laser beams ensures the size, mode and beam profile match the application properly.

Laser system integrators

Ophir's range of meters and PC interfaces, as well as its beam profilers, can be used by system integrators to import laser measurement data into a host system.

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