The Covid-19 pandemic has shown healthcare institutions all over the world the importance of integration of new technological advances into existing systems. With hospitals facing shortages of healthcare professionals due to patient overflow, urgent automation of healthcare systems is needed in order to improve and sustain healthcare safety and quality. As a result, companies continue to merge and closely integrate their existing technologies in order to improve clinical services and patient care. US-based health information technology companies Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop have recently announced such a partnership in order to improve and revolutionise their existing technology products.

Software Parawell, developed for communication between pharmacists and patients by Health in Motion Network, and ScriptDrop’s prescription delivery platform will be closely integrated in order to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals and optimise workflow. By integrating these products, pharmacists are able to access comprehensive medical information, such as medical records, lab results and patients’ data, from wearables and health monitoring devices. Additionally, ScriptDrop’s nationwide network will increase and improve pharmacy access for many communities.

Integration of Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop technologies will be beneficial for many rural communities in the US, providing them with improved access for pharmacy services. Furthermore, improving communication between patients and physicians will help to reduce the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the healthcare sector.