As Covid-19 continues to impact global health, healthcare companies are relying more than ever on new technologies and increased data collection. While the adoption of new technologies brings the healthcare industry undisputable advantages, by improving patient care, optimising workflows and slowing the flow of patients into hospitals, the risk of cybersecurity threats has been steadily increasing as well.

Recognising the risks, Secure Exchange Solutions, a US-based company that provides interoperable Cloud-based clinical data exchange for providers, consumers and health plans, recently announced that its various software offerings (Direct, Notify, Fetch and Spot) have earned Certified status in accordance with HITRUST CSF v9.4 certification criteria. According to GlobalData, the global security industry will be worth nearly $238bn by 2030, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% between 2019 and 2030. The HITRUST CSF Certified status validates that a software product’s privacy, compliance and security protocols meet the federal and state regulations and standards, and ensures that healthcare organisations comply with common healthcare privacy and security frameworks.  With patients and healthcare professionals being more aware of data privacy and security, it is an advantage for healthcare companies to be transparent about the quality of their cybersecurity protocols.

While the cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly, the healthcare industry has been historically slow to adapt to the latest technological changes, including cybersecurity. However, more companies are expected to ramp up their security protocols and address their cybersecurity vulnerabilities, as the rate of cyber attacks on the healthcare industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years.