The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has created unprecedentedly difficult wartime conditions for the pharmaceutical business in Ukraine. In the April forecast update, the health spend growth for Ukraine was reduced to 17% for both 2022 and 2023, down from 22.1% in 2022 and 22.4% in 2023. As normal supply chains are currently disrupted in the country, many pharma companies are providing vaccines, antibiotics, pain medicine and other essential drugs to Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Darnitsa Group has been one of the leaders in the production of medicines in Ukraine since 1998. Due to unprecedently difficult wartime conditions, Glib Zagoriy has returned to operational management, heading the Board of Directors of the management company Darnitsa Group. Glib Zagoriy is a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, who has been focused on shifting Darnitsa in international directions and developing strategic partnerships with international companies. This approach was taken in order to better integrate Darnitsa into the global pharmaceutical market.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, pharmaceutical companies face supply shortages and supply chain disruptions. By transforming and developing during pandemic and war conditions, Darnitsa Group reassures its investors and shareholders. Furthermore, Darnitsa Group will continue to cooperate with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense in order to provide Ukrainians with affordable and effective medicines during the unprecedented times.