Detecting sleep apnea has become an area of great interest for many companies with numerous home monitoring devices on the market. A new start-up company called SleepOn has launched Go2Sleep, a unique wearable device that promises to monitor a range of sleep metrics and screen for sleep apnea with comparable accuracy to other sleep monitoring devices on the market.

Sleep apnea is a condition whereby an individual’s breathing is continuously interrupted during sleep. Left untreated, the condition can have drastic effects on quality of life and increase the risks of developing certain conditions. Go2Sleep is presented as the world’s smallest sleep detection ring, and tackles the condition by classifying the severity of sleep apnea and determining the best treatment options.

By monitoring the blood flow through the capillaries within the finger, the device monitors the wearer’s heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, perfusion index (pulse strength), and the amount of movement during sleep. An artificial intelligence algorithm then interprets the data and provides the user with comprehensive daily and weekly sleep reports via a free SleepOn app or e-mail. These measurements are particularly useful for sleep apnea patients as the condition is signaled by drastic changes of blood oxygen saturation.

Go2Sleep cannot differentiate between the different types of sleep apnea. Therefore, users are still advised to consult their healthcare providers before taking the results from the device as conclusive. Although the device has not yet obtained FDA approval, it is set to disrupt the market due to its unique design, ease of use and cost efficiency.