The Covid-19 pandemic prompted immediate and rapid digitization and integration of new technological advances into existing systems. With a worldwide shortage of medical personnel and an increasing number of patients, urgent automation of healthcare systems is needed in order to improve and sustain healthcare safety and quality. GlobalData estimates electronic medical record (EMR) systems will reach a global market value of $54.9bn by the end of 2028.

A US-based company that leads on-demand equipment rental solutions for healthcare providers, MediLogix, has announced that its only fully complete and integrated equipment management solution for care providers, Rental as a Service, is going to integrate with PointClickCare, one of the leading Cloud-based software technologies for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) market. PointClickCare has previously undergone major improvements designed to enable clinicians to collect and record patient data more efficiently and with fewer data entry errors. By integrating PointClickCare with RaaS, MediLogix enables the automation of rental equipment when a patient is discharged, gives real-time equipment information, and provides useful information to healthcare providers, such as advanced analytics and reporting of cost containment.

With the worldwide Covid-19 crisis continuing to disrupt the medical industry and putting additional strain on healthcare facilities, improvement and integration of existing EMR platforms are crucial. MediLogix’s recent integrated solution will improve medical billing and reimbursement and help to prevent profit loss due to administration errors.