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Medical Device European Sales and Distribution Management

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As a manufacturer of medical devices, or in-vitro diagnostic medical devices, you want to establish or increase sales in European markets. We will identify and select country or region-specific distributors, or a pan-European distributor for your product(s), and we will manage and motivate your distributors to maximise your sales and profits.

Medical device distribution to European markets

Our knowledge of European markets combined with our strong industry relationships, our location and our relevant industry experience, make us highly effective at building sales channels that deliver great results. You achieve your international growth objectives faster and more effectively, generating greater revenue in less time.

We offer a unique, risk-sharing approach to reduce cost, risk and time to market. There are no upfront or fixed costs; all of our fees are success-dependent.

Medical device distributor selection

Selecting the right distributors is critical for success. We have seen businesses fail purely because they selected the wrong distributors. Distributors are not all the same. Every distributor has different capabilities, and different strengths and weaknesses.

We specialise in developing sales channels for point of care in-vitro diagnostic medical devices for both professional and consumer markets.
We deliver molecular diagnostic medical devices that enable the rapid and sensitive detection of infectious agents such as MRSA to European markets.
The hospital laboratory remains vital to the delivery of cost-effective healthcare in Europe and we can provide access to this market for your products.

We work with you to define the attributes of the ideal distributor for your products, and we use our proven six-step process to identify and select distributors that best meet your criteria from our own proprietary database and extensive industry contacts and networks.

European medical device distributor management

Selecting the right distributors is critical, but not sufficient to ensure success. The absence of discipline in follow-up and management is one of the most significant causes of the failure of supplier-distributor relationships. Our location, and our local industry knowledge and experience, enable us to create and sustain a close, productive relationship with your distributors. For a commission on sales we can also manage your distributors for you. Our services include:

  • Negotiation of initial and renewing contracts: we can supply distributor agreements that satisfy all EU legal and regulatory requirements, and contain all commercial considerations
  • Establishment of performance goals, from our knowledge and understanding of local markets
  • Performance monitoring: we will work with your distributors to help them achieve their performance goals

Our low-cost, risk sharing approach means that your business in Europe is always profitable. We are incentivised to manage your distributors to maximise revenues, profits and the rapid growth of your business in Europe.

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