Are you tracking pandemic flu, or do you need to for the production and marketing planning of your flu product?

FluAlert is a web-based service which collates information on flu, including daily reports from the WHO, ECDC, media reports and new research and provides medical comment.

Demand for flu products is determined by the incidence of flu. The ability to efficiently track and anticipate this, and to follow trends, is a critical capability for both marketing and production planning. FluAlert will provide the information required, from one source, with critical updates emailed to you on a daily basis.

Effective business continuity planning

In addition, companies concerned with business continuity planning for episodes of pandemic flu will be monitoring multiple sources for information which is already collated by FluAlert. The system also provides its own medical opinion on the current situation.

FluAlert is provided by Welund, a company specialising in providing timely information to help companies manage risk, in particular environmental and political risk. We recognised the value of FluAlert to companies in the health technologies sector and are collaborating with Welund to make it available.

As a manufacturer or distributor of a flu product, or as an organisation with a business continuity plan for pandemic flu, we encourage you to take a look at FluAlert to determine if it provides you with information you currently don’t have, or simply provides a more cost and time efficient way to access information you already source elsewhere.

FluAlert is a subscription-based service, but we can offer you a free two-week trial with full access to the service with absolutely no commitment whatsoever to subscribe. Please contact us for more information and to sign up for the trial.